Choosing the right path for your business:

Specialise or Diversify

John Innes
Conference Centre,
Thursday 13th
February 2020

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Sam Steggles

Fielding Cottage

Jane Townsend

Easton & Otley College

Andrew Fearne

University of East Anglia

Corey Holmes

Farmer, USA

John Beddington

Former GCSA (2008-2013)

Minette Batters

NFU President

The organisers

AF logo smlAF is the largest agricultural buying group in the UK with a buying power in excess of £ 250 million. The organisation is growing rapidly and provides an extensive range of products and services to more than 3500 members. AF's busy trading desks are seen as an extension to the farm office employing specialist buyers to save time and money for members on key farm inputs and other business costs such as electricity, telecommunications and general supplies.

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